Cardiac Care At Home

Certain cardiac disorders like LVF etc. lead to frequent lending of patients to emergency and subsequent hospitalization. These conditions can be managed at home itself up to a great extent. A well-planned and specialized post-surgical care after CABG, ICD, Pacemaker implantation, etc. results in better outcomes.


Why Krishiv?

Krishiv “Hospital At Home” provides patients with disease-specific education of symptoms & medication management to achieve the outcomes needed to reduce hospitalization, re-hospitalizations & frequent ER visits due to exacerbation of symptoms.

  • Counseling of patient lifestyle management
  • Incision care and maintenance of patient hygiene
  • Tracking and reporting key parameters including ECG, PT/INR, etc
  • Chest physiotherapy
  • Diet regulation and designing a nutritional plan
  • Continuous remote ECG monitoring for high-risk patients
  • Assistance with the gradual resumption of physical activities as per care plan

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