Before Setup

  • First step: make a call to krishiv
  • Call forwarded to nursing incharge
  • Krishiv medical team visit to patient’s home to assess his condition
  • Treatment plan is decided
  • If he is to be admitted then hospital set up is done at his own home according to individual need of the patient.

After Setup

  • Round the clock nursing staff of desired expertise (level 1-level 4) is appointed along with the skilled nursing assistants.
  • Three times evaluation by the shift incharges
  • Routine/ round the clock evaluation by resident doctors according to the need
  • Further evaluation by the respective consultants via:
    • Live assessment by WiFi CCTV camera
    • Video clip and images sent by the staff
    • Reports evaluation
    • Interdepartmental reference
  • Supported by :
    • Routine lab evaluation
    • Pharmacy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Nutritionist

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